The Real Land Grab to Replace LHH's
Skilled Nursing Beds With Supportive Housing

August 18, 2007 Update:

Following a Town Hall meeting organized by community members that was held on May 10, Lagun aHonda Hospital scheduled its own Town Hall meeting on May 30.  Leading up to the May 30 Town Hall meeting, District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and Laguna Honda Hospital's Executive Administrator sought to assure community members that the senior housing plan for the Laguna Honda Hospital campus would not include “supportive housing” for the homeless, but would remain “assisted living” housing following a medical model approach.  The material below is thought to have influenced Sean Elsbernd’s decision to support assisted living on the campus of Laguna Honda.

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SEIU Deceived Voters … and Its Members
Who Financed the "No on Prop. D" Campaign
The $562,800 "Senior Housing Plan" for LHH's Campus
People Affected if the West Residence Isn't Built
Minutes of the “Assisted Lviing Project Workgroup" and the “Transition Steering Committee"
Vote "No" on Future Bond Measures

The “Senior Housing Plan” for LHH’s Campus: Housing? Or Healthcare?

On September 12, 2006, a letter dated September 1, 2006 written by Anshen+Allen (the LHH Replacement Project architectural joint venture) addressed to the LHH Replacement Project’s project manager was disclosed during a public meeting of the Laguna Honda Hospital Assisted Living Project workgroup.  

The Anshen+Allen letter discusses four options being considered under a $700,000 U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant to study a “senior housing plan” for the Laguna Honda campus that voters had not been told about at the time they approved the 1999 Prop. A bond measure to rebuild a healthcare facility for LHH.

This study will cost $562,800 out of the HUD grant. More commentary about this sudden change of direction will be posted to this web site shortly.


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