Mayor Orders Public Policy Debate
on Laguna Honda Replacement Project

Mayor Newsom may be attempting to sidestep implementing the will of the voters who passed a bond measure in 1999 to replace Laguna Honda Hospital.  A series of reports have all been based on a house of cards, each relying on flawed data in previous reports. Given his reticense, we have to rely on information from other quarters.

Rebuttal to Health Management Associates Audit of Laguna Honda Hospital

Health Management Associates Audit Report of Laguna Honda Hospital
The HMA Audit Report is available on the City Controller’s web site, or also on this web site.

Rebuttal House-of-Cards Logic Exposed: Irresponsible Controller's Report to Cut 420 Skilled Nursing Beds From Laguna Honda Driven by Politics — and Flawed Data

City Controller’s Report on Financing Options for LHH Rebuild



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