Options to Finance LHH Rebuild Is
Irresponsible, Driven by Politics,
and Based on Flawed Data

A final analysis of the first four reports (of six planned) authored by City officials offered up during the new “public policy debate” concerning financing options for the LHH Replacement Project put forward by City Controller Ed Harrington at the request of our Mayor, is now complete.

The final four-report analysis critical of flawed data which various advisory bodies have raced to embrace, critiques errors in documents prepared sequentially by Liz Gray, Susan Mizner, Ed Harrington, and Mitch Katz.  The first four reports constructed little more than a really shaky house of cards.  The City’s fifth report, authored by auditors brought in from Chicago, also relies on the flawed data first presented by Liz Gray.  An analysis of the Chicago auditor’s report is in progress.  

The analysis concludes that Mayor Newsom is trying to generate a “public policy debate” hoping to use tobacco settlement revenues intended to finance the LHH replacement project for “housing,” instead.   The City’s first four reports set the stage for the Mayor’s house of cards to come tumbling down.  

The fifth report by Health Management Associates — who were brought in from Chicago with preconceived conclusions in search of facts — continues to cite flawed data from the Targeted Case Management program, as has Mizner, Harrington, and Katz, in that order.  

At question is whether Katz’s sixth report — the long overdue “White Paper” ordered by Health Commission President Lee Ann Monfredini in March 2005 which has not been written or released to the public — will continue relying on the flawed TCM data.



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