City Controller’s Options to Rebuild LHH

Here’s some concerns about a report City Controller Ed Harrington presented to Mayor Newsom, and released to the public, on May 19, regarding the LHH Replacement Program [Project].  Rhetorically, Harrington subtitled his report “Where do we go from here?”

Preliminary observations that are troubling:

These statistics have been rebutted as being incorrect.  During the May 23, 2005 LHH-JCC meeting (a body comprised of two Health Commissioner’s and members of the LHH Executive Committee, hence the name “Joint Conference Committe”) senior key members of the LHH medical staff indicated that the two-page Attachment ‘A’ to Ed Harrington's report contained wildly inaccurate data; Harrington may have, however unwittingly, used that flawed data on which to base premises and conclusions in the remainder of his eight-page report to Mayor Newsom.

Assuming for a moment, however, that Harrington’s latest “assumptions” were anywhere near accurate given his track record of off-base guesstimating, Newsom may be setting himself up for a major fall in his so-called “polling numbers,” because if these numbers were true, the Feds could conceivably come along and claim:



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