Alarmed Homeowners' Town Hall Meeting

Homeowners in various neghborhods surrounding Lagna Honda Hospital (LHH) are greatly concerned about changes occurring inside of LHH regarding the patient population mix, and the mission of Laguna Honda, that may affect safety in many neighborhoods.

And they are very concerned about the 1999 Proposition bond mesaure to rebuild LHH by 73.they helped pass that was meant to house frail elderly San Franciscans, because recent developments portend that homeowners may end up paying an unfair burden.

A meeting about various issues dealing with LHH that affect surrounding homeowners has been scheduled for December 16.

The meeting announcement is contained below.  For a version suitable to photocopy and distribute as a neighborhood flyer, click here (launch Acrobat Reader first).

A more detailed meeting handout will be posted to this web site following Thanksgiving weekend.


Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center:
Two fires.  Assaults on patients and staff.  What’s next?

Neighborhood Alert!

Are you aware of what is going on at Laguna Honda Hospital (LHH)?

LHH has drastically changed its admissions policy. No longer is its primary focus on San Francisco’s elderly.  Virtually all patients are now coming from S.F. General Hospital, to the near exclusion of patients from home and other San Francisco Hospitals.  LHH was not built for this purpose.

LHH doctors have been pressured to admit dangerous patients who can not be managed there.  There has been an increase in younger, transient, and less disabled patients with psychiatric and addiction problems being brought into LHH.

LHH does not have the security in place to protect current patients, hospital staff, nor neighborhoods that surround it.  There has been an increase in violent and aggressive incidents, including a major arson fire within LHH’s current facility.

Current policy changes have also resulted in citations against LHH from State Licensing, as well as from Cal-OSHA.  These citations involve LHH’s increasing population of dangerous patients, without an appropriate safety plan having been implemented and put into place beforehand.

An increase of homeless admissions to LHH has recently resulted in encampments around the Laguna Honda reservoir and neighboring areas.  In October, a homeless camp started a fire on the LLH grounds that, thankfully, the Fire Department was able to contain.

There are also several elementary schools that surround LHH. We don't want our children placed at risk!

In 1999 voters approved Prop A, a $300 million bond measure to rebuild LHH, with the primary intent to house San Francisco’s frail elderly.  The will of voters is not being followed.

When these issues were recently discussed with Dr. Katz, Director of San Francisco’s Department of Public Health, he replied that LHH is part of the City’s health program and he could set any policy he wants. Katz has announced his intention to convert Laguna Honda into a “social rehabilitation center for the urban poor.”

As your neighbor, we need your involvement. These issues, and others, will be discussed at a:


Thursday, December 16, 2004   •   7:00 p.m.
St. Brendan’s Parish Hall
200 Ulloa Street (Ulloa/Laguna Honda Boulevard)

For more information call John Farrell at 218-6337




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