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Rebuttal to Proponent’s Argument in Favor of Proposition A
San Francisco Voter Information Pamphlet
November 4, 2008

Compliance Without Acountability

San Francisco does need SFGH seismically safe; not the overpriced, poorly located “trophy” hospital being presented to voters.

The Civil Grand Jury’s 6/26/2008 report documents horrendous City bond oversight, concluding: “The ultimate response to the lack of accountability and oversight is for the voters to demand better governance from City officials. In the meantime, there are no standard operating procedures to hold departments and commissions accountable [for bonds] and, by extension, no accountability by the Board of Supervisors, [the Controller], or the Mayor’s Office.”

The $1.7 billion hospital contains insufficient beds to serve future needs and is too big to construct between two 85', non-retrofitted, 93-year-old brick buildings.

State law requires both seismic safety and continued operations following earthquakes. The proposed glass walled hospital, in the fall zone of both brick buildings, will be damaged and non-operational if they collapse.

The hospital was designed before the Lewin report projected San Francisco’s 24% shortage of acute hospital beds.

The oval hospital design costs $265 million over the original rectangular design, including $7 million for art.

A dangerous helipad remains under consideration.

Renters: 50% pass-through erodes rent control.

Homeowners: $59 for every $100,000 in assessed value for 23 years.

Construction costs will exceed City estimates.

Laguna Honda Hospital’s delayed, ten-year rebuild is $241 million (60%) over budget and 420 beds (35%) smaller than originally promised.

Voters deserve accountability. Vote “No” on Proposition A!

George Wooding, West of Twin Peaks Central Council*
Mara Kopp, Good Government Alliance*

*For identification purposes only; author is signing as an individual and not on hehalf of an organization.

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