Mayor Newsom Fails to Address
Situation at Laguna Honda and
Fails to Answer Correspondence

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An astute, insightful member of the community wrote to Mayor Newsom and the Board of Supervisors on December 31, 2004 raising many valid concerns, but Mayor Newsom has failed to answer his correspondence for six weeks, just as the Mayor has failed for three months to follow up with Sister Miriam Walsh, LHH’s Director of Pastoral Care.  The Mayor promised Sister Miriam he would seek out additional information concerning LHH before forming a “mayoral vision” for LHH; he has broken that promise, using delaying tactics that are completely inexcusable.

The community member has again written the Mayor, and his letter is eloquent in describing and refuting inaccurate information being presented to the public. In his letter Howard Chabner, J.D. notes that:

The community and the Board of Supervisors should demand that Mayor Newsom answer the issues raised in Chabner’s letter.



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