Homeless Set Fire Near LHH
Endangering Homes and LHH Residents

In March 2004, a fire — eventually determined by the Fire Department to be purposeful arson — was started within Laguna Honda Hospital.  Now there has been a fire set in the Forest Hill neighborhood, endangering not only LHH’s neighboring homeowners concerned about the increasing number of homeless encampments surrounding LHH, but also threatening the LHH campus itself.

The following message from the President of the Forest Hill Homeowner's Association to its members is reprinted here with the permission of its president.  The homeowners are demanding action be taken by Mayor Newsom, and most likely, are demanding immediate action be taken by District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd.


Forest Hill Association Newsletter
November/December 2004

A Message From Your President — The Homeless and Forest Hill

Numbers of the “homeless” had recently made encampments around Laguna Honda reservoir and other City property east of 7th Avenue. In response to many complaints, the Water Department took action; but, as a result, some of those people set up camp atop the retaining wall along the west side of 7th Avenue. This is also City property, but under the control of the Department of Public Works.

In the evening on October 12th, a fire was started at the “homeless” camp atop the wall and quickly raced up the hillside. Only the prompt response of the Fire Department prevented the fire reaching homes on Linares Avenue.

The Association has responded by contacting the Mayor, the Department of Public Works, and the Police Department, firstly, to permanently remove these camps adjacent to Forest Hill, and, secondly, to maintain this steep hillside adjacent to Forest Hill and to install a fence to prohibit the unlawful entry and misuse of this property. We hope that we can count on the support of our members in this effort.

Tim Treacy
Forest Hill [Homeowner's] Association

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