Director of Public Health’s
Outrageous Accusations About
Laguna Honda Hospital Employees

The controversy surrounding Dr. Katz’s allegations made in the print media has not subsided, even with his half-full, half-empty apology.

San Francisco Chronicle Reports
Director of Public Health
Claims LHH Staff and Other “Critics” are Prejudiced
January 25, 2005
The article in The San Francisco Chronicle in which Katz asserts that critics of his admission policy changes were “prejudiced,” and were stigmatizing and victimizing African Americans and people with HIV/AIDS.  While Katz opined to the Chronicle that “I'm just sad about the victimization part,” no such victimization had occurred, other than in his own mind.

An Open Letter to
Mitch Katz:  
Your Slip Is Showing; Playing the “AIDS Card” Isn’t Pretty
A “critic” of Dr. Katz’s unilateral change to the LHH admissions policy writes an open letter analyzing Katz’s outrageous allegations, which appear to have been based on a single letter written by two LHH MD’s who had not sought the approval of the LHH Medical Staff before they sent their letter to Dr. Katz.

What Katz Really Alledged

The San Francisco Chronicle report toned down Dr. Katz’s allegations.  Here’s what he really alledged about LHH staff and other “critics” of his admission policy change.

LHH MD’s Write to San Francisco Chronicle, Repudiating
Public Health Director Mitch Katz’s Charge of Racism, Ignorance and
Prejudice Towards AIDS Patients
January 24, 2005

A letter to The San Francisco Chronicle was signed by over 30 members of the LHH Medical Staff, in which they repudiated Dr. Katz’s assertions.

The complete signatories will be posted during the week of February 7.

Dr. Katz Issues
Half-Baked, Half-Empty Apology — But Only to
A Limited Subset of
Those Deeply Offended

January 31, 2005
Dr. Katz’s so-called apology was anything but.  Read his incomplete apology, and an analysis of it.



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