Changes to SF DPH Strategic Plan
That Affect Long-Term Care Patients at LHH

For well over six months, San Francisco Health Commissioner Jim Illig has been dropping clues that the mission of Laguna Honda Hospital will change when the DPH Strategic Plan now under revision is finalized.  At its October 26 meeting, the Health Commission was presented with the proposed changes; DPH’s Strategic Planning Department first claimed there were no substantial changes to the Strategic Plan,, but then an underling employee of the Strategic Planning Department indicated that there have been 83 changes made to it, either by way of modifications or by the addition of totally new “goals and objectives.”  All told, 83 changes cannot hardly be viewed as “no subtaintial change, even by the wildest implementation of spin control.

The Health Commission was thwarted in its attempt to race to implement a sudden, unannounced “resolution” approving of the changes to the Strategic Plan, because an astute community member observed that the Health Commission had failed to note in its October 26 agenda that it was going to consider an “action item” voting to approve a resolution that had not been presented to the public beforehand, as required by our local open meetings law known as the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance.

On November 9, the Health Commission has now adequately forewarned the public about its plans to simply rubber-stamp the changes to DPH’s Strategic Plan, and on its November 9 agenda is the proposed vote to accept the Strategic Plan, as written by DPH.

On this web site is a two-page extract of the “goals, objectives and strategies” in DPH’s 28-page 2004 update to its strategic plan that relate to the changing mission of Laguna Honda Hospital.  Among the changes are:

The complete 28-page new DPH strategic Plan is available on DPH’s web site at



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