How You Can Help Rescue LHH ...
Contacting Public Officials

Contacting San Francisco elected officials and attending the meetings and hearings listed elsewhere on this web site are crucial.

It is extremely important that you contact the Board of Supervisor’s, the Mayor, and the Health Commission quickly, expressing your concern about the downsizing of LHH and the changing patient populations to served at LHH.  Please write and call your District Supervisor, demanding that they perform their ministerial duties to protect San Francisco’s vulnerable, frail elderly and the disabled.  Ask them to hold a hearing on this matter, and demand that they both return the $25 million in diverted tobacco settlement money, and that they also seek additional funding sources to ensure that the LHH replacement project is built at the full scope of the project: 1,200 skilled nursing beds dedicated to our elderly and disabled.

How to Contact the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor





All Supervisors, Clerk of the Board, the Health Commission, and the Mayor All Supervisors, Clerk of the Board, The Health Commission, and Mayor Newsom
Jake McGoldrick

554-7410 554-7415
Michela Alioto-Pier

554-7752 554-7843
Aaron Peskin, President of the Board

554-7450 554-7454
Fiona Ma

554-7460 554-7432
Ross Mirkarimi

554-7630 554-7634
Chris Daly

554-7970 554-7974
Sean Elsbernd

554-6516 554-6546
Bevan Dufty

554-6968 554-6909
Tom Ammiano

554-5144 554-6255
Sophie Maxwell

554-7670 554-7674
Gerardo Sandoval

554-6975 554-6979
Gloria Young,
Clerk of the Board
  554-5184 554-5163
Also contact the Mayor ...
The Honorable Gavin Newsom   554-6141 554-6160
... and the Health Commission
Health Commission   554-2666 554-2665

The Supervisors mailing address is:

The Honorable ________, Supervisor, District ____
City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA   94102

Send a courtesy copy (cc:) to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, so it will be listed in the full Board of Supervisor’s agenda as communications received from citizens. Also, consider sending send a courtesy copy of your letter to the Board of Supervisors to the Mayor so his office will be aware of concerns about downsizing ... or better yet, write a second letter directly to the Mayor telling him you want City officials to act now!

The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Mayor of San Francisco
City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 200
San Francisco, CA   94102


How to Contact the Health Commission

You shsould also write to the Health Commission, demanding that it act to make sure LHH is built with 1,200 beds.  Its mailing address is:

Edward A. Chow, MD, President
Health Commission
101 Grove, Room 311
San Francisco, CA 94102

Send a courtesy copy to the remaining Health Commissioners and their Executive Secretary:

Roma Guy, MSW, Vice President, Health Commission
Michael L. Penn, Jr., MD, PhD, Health Commissioner
Lee Ann Monfredini, Health Commissioner
David J. Sanchez, Jr., PhD, Health Commissioner
John I. Umekubo, MD, Health Commissioner and Member, LHH-Joint Conference Committee
James M. Illig, Health Commissioner and Member, LHH-Joint Conference Committee
Michele Olson, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission


How to Contact the Citizen's General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee

Writing to the Bond Oversight Committee is especially urgent.  In order to balance the City’s FY 03–04 budget, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved — with the express consent of then Mayor Willie Brown — diverting $25 million from the tobacco settlement fund that was intended for the rebuild of the LHH replacement facility.  When former City Attorney Louise Renne learned of this, she threatned to sue the City to recover the money, saying it was illegal and unethical.  However, in reaching an unlitigated settlement with Renee (and other plaintiffs in the case), the Board of Supervisors further diverted the $25 million into furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) for the new hospital.  Even the lawyer representing Renne et al. noted that Proposition A made no such provision that tobacco settlement money could be used for FFE, but the Board of Supervisors unanimouosly approved the second diversion of tobacco funds.

Demand that the Bond Oversight Committee force the City to return the $25 million to where it rightfully belongs: Into building an actual facility to replace LHH, as voters were promised.  The Bond Oversight Committee’s mailing address is:

Pamela S. Jue, Chair
General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee
c/o Office of the Controller
City Hall, Room 316
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francsico, CA 94102-4694
101 Grove, Room 311
San Francisco, CA   94102

Send a courtesy copy to the City Controller, Edward Harrington, at the same address, and also to Bond Oversight Committee member, Arelene Singer, since she is a member of the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury who is the Grand Jury’s appointee to the Bond Oversignt Committee.  

Ask Ms. Singer to have the Civil Grand Jury look into the improper and illegal diversion of $25 million from the tobacco settlement fund.  Both the Bond Oversight Committee and the Civil Grand Jury should understand that the the two diversions of the $25 million was illegal.   Ms. Singer’s mailing address is:

Arlene Singer
Civil Grand Jury
San Francisco Superior Court
400 McAllister Street
San Francsico, CA   94102



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